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Programmable LED Modules are Our Signature Product

These state of the art LED modules are virtually invisible in daylight. They are a weather resistant, extra low voltage product, that provides 324 lumens/meter of individually controllable vivid lighting. Now with phone app control!

This revolutionary LED lighting system uses high efficiency, brilliant LED lights that save money and energy in replacement costs, and through efficient energy consumption. These lights are extremely long lived 20 years+ with a great install warranty.

Their versatility means you can use them to tell a story, celebrate holidays, special events, supporting a sports team, charitable cause, anything!.

What will your story be?


Other Lighting Products

60, 80, 100w Wall Packs
Wall packs are powerful light fixtures that are installed in outdoor locations of commercial buildings. They use high efficiency LEDs that are  durable, and feature low levels of light pollution.

150 - 200w LED Shoe Box

An ideal alternative to metal halide fixtures for safe, brightly-lit outdoor environments. Widely used in parking garages, public areas, schools, hospitals, hotels and outdoor walkways.

LED Tube Bulbs

  • 22w 4ft T8/T12

  • 45w V-Strip Clear T8/T12

LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. They also boast better color rendering, require less maintenance, and burn out less frequently with over 50,000 lifetime hours.

3000-5000K A19 Light Bulbs


Dimmable LED bulbs give your space a daylight-like glow, but use at least 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use them either indoors or outdoors in enclosed locations.

40w LED Batten Lighting


Batten lights deliver significant energy savings of up to 50% as compared to conventional T8 battens. With a reliable and robust housing structure, this maximizes the endurance and contributes to its long lifetime. With its flexible mounting accessories, it is suitable for Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, direct and indirect lighting applications. It can be used in a wide variety of applications

LED High Bay Lights

High bay lights  have an aluminum reflector which allows a beam of light to reflect downwards to the floor area. Other types of high bay lights have a prismatic reflector which illuminates shelving, etc. from the floor to the ceiling.

High Bay Lighting allows users to illuminate large areas with very few lights, making it the energy savings choice for buildings of all sizes

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