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About Ablaze & LED Permanent Lighting


Our mission is to be the provider of innovative, environmentally-friendly, top-quality fixtures. As a leading firm in the Ontario lighting industry, it is our responsibility to deliver a superior product and value to our customers, and our clients on a consistent basis. This commitment permeates everything we do.

State of the Art LED Modules

-Zero maintenance costs
-Permanent installation 
-Programmable colors and patterns
-Solid state LED lighting
-Very discreet 
-Consumes only 4.8W per meter
-Manufactured of Aircraft grade Aluminum 
-Polycarbonate lens
- 5 Year Install Warranty
- 25+ Year Lifespan


-No more ladders

-Never change a bulb

-Unlimited color possibilities

-Light chasing and special effects

-Virtually unnoticeable during the day

-Extremely long life

-Low energy

-Virtually indestructable

-Weather proof

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